Summer in Lapland is memorable

Summer in Lapland is short but light. For about four months, temperatures reach summery figures even though actual heatwaves are few and far between. Lapland offers the visitor the opportunity to enjoy a real, fresh northern summer. Lapland’s summer, with its white nights, is worth experiencing.  

The sun does not set for two and a half months 

The sun that never sets in the summer is a miraculous experience. The midnight sun welcomes visitors to the land of light. At the altitude of Saariselkä, the polar day begins in mid-May and lasts until late July. For two and half months, the sun never sets. 

Nature bursts into life 

After the snow melts, the fells come to life with vegetation. Lapland’s growth season is short but intense, thanks to the midnight sun. The low-growing alpine azalea and pincushion plant thrive on the windy slopes of the fells, bearing small, pretty flowers for visitors to admire. Lower on the slopes, multi-trunk mountain birches growing in thickets attract the hiker’s attention. With their twisted and knotted trunks, they have the appearance of an enchanted apple tree grove. 

Photo: Metsähallitus, Kota Collective

Riverbanks in blossom

On the shores of the rivers and streams, the vegetation is lusher. On a canoeing trip at the height of summer, the visitor can admire the bright yellow globeflowers and marsh-marigolds that adorn the riverbanks. The blue Jacob’s-ladder adds to the riot of colour on the shores.

Girl fishing in Lake Inari.
Photo: Lapin Materiaalipankki, Juha Kauppinen

Ripened by the midnight sun 

Several wild berries ripen under the midnight sun: cloudberries, lingonberries, blueberries, crowberries and cranberries. The most sought after of these is the cloudberry, which grows on marshy terrain and ripens at different times. In warm summers, some cloudberries may be ready for picking as early as in late July, while others ripen as late as September, just before the first frosty mornings. Anyone can freely pick wild berries and forest mushrooms in Lapland and elsewhere in Finland. 

Sleepless in Lapland 

Energised by Lapland’s midnight sun, visitors and locals can enjoy the opportunities for outdoor activities also at night-time. A fishing or hiking trip on a light summer’s night is something to remember. Northern Lapland offers numerous destinations where you can hike independently or with a guide. Saariselkä alone boasts more than 200 kilometres of hiking trails for outdoor enthusiasts. Why not hike to the top of a fell to admire the sun that just grazes the horizon before climbing up in the sky again? 

Accommodation for all

Whether you prefer to sleep under a duvet or a starry sky, there is a wide range of accommodation options available. From a high-class villa to an aurora cabin, or an all-inclusive hotel to a camping site – you can find it all in Inari-Saariselkä. Cosy holiday apartment or a private lakeside cottage offers a personal touch to your dream holiday.

Destinations and sights

Inari-Saariselkä is a vast area in northernmost Finnish Lapland, with many exciting destinations and sights within. Get to know the different villages of the northern region – In the villages of Inari-Saariselkä, you will find the authentic Finnish Lapland.

How to get here?

Inari-Saariselkä is far away in the North, yet just a few hours from Southern Finland. You can get to Lapland with multiple ways, and often the trip is an experience in itself.

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How to get around?

When travelling through the arctic hills, you must remember that distances are quite often long. Be sure to enjoy the views while making your way from a destination to another.



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