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Santa´s Hotel Tunturi

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Lapland Hotels Riekonlinna

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Kuukkeli Apartments

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Kevo Canyon

Kevo Canyon


For a long time already I've wanted to visit Kevo Strict Nature Reserve, and finally at the end of July me and my friend headed to Sulaoja, the starting point of our  four-day hike. After 63 kilometres we were supposed to end our trip in Kenesjärvi, where my car was being transported for us. The 40 km long and at some places almost 80 meters deep canyon-like valley of the River Kevojoki forms the core of the area. The rest of the nature reserve is fell highland and large tundra-like open mires.

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Far in the North Inari-Saariselkä

In the far North of Finnish Lapland lies the popular area of Inari-Saariselkä. The unique northern countryside, national parks, lake areas, rivers and highland fells offer a wealth of opportunities for year-round travel. In winter, the Northern Lights dance across the sky up to 200 days a year.

In summer, the midnight sun shines for two whole months in our region. The legendary Saariselkä is the northernmost travel destination in the European Union and boasts a variety of services. In Inari and other villages in the area, the Sami culture is still very much in evidence in everyday life. Here is where you find the genuine Lapland.

Saariselkä, Kiilopää

Saariselkä is in the far North, but still just a short flight from Helsinki. A wide range of accommodation options and other amenities are nearby, yet the peace of the wilderness is only a few steps away.

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The village parish of Inari is situated by the large, beautiful Lake Inarijärvi and boasts the second largest population in both the municipality and Sami culture. In addition to the many services on offer in Inari, visitors can familiarise themselves with the very roots of genuine Sami culture

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Ivalo offers a great array of services from fishing licences to an airport.

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The village of Lemmenkylä is located right next to the largest national park in Finland. The well-marked hiking trails make it easy to get up close to the beautiful scenery that graces the national park. A river boat trip is also possible along the 70-kilometre River Lemmenjoki.

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The village of Nellim is close to the Russian border, about 40 kilometres from Ivalo. Its location on the shores of Lake Inarijärvi guarantees great skiing and hiking grounds and a tremendous setting from which to observe the Northern Lights.

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Utsjoki is the northernmost municipality of Finland, and the only such municipality with a Sami majority in the region. The parish village of Utsjoki is guarded by the holy Ailigas fell and the famous salmon-filled River Tenojoki.

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Arctic Siida


Nuorgam is the northernmost village in Finland and the EU. It is located 500 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, near the Norwegian border. The most celebrated landmark of Nuorgam is the great and magnificent River Tenojoki, which is reputed to be the best salmon river in Europe.

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Traditions des Sames skolts et paysages majestueux sur la route menant à la Norvège.

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Vuotso and Tankavaara

Visitors can experience the Sámi culture in the village of Vuotso and learn about Lappish gold history in the Gold Village and International Gold Museum in Tankavaara.

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In addition to being a lively border village, Näätämö is also one of the favourite spots for fishermen. Salmon, trout, grayling and whitefish are caught in the River Näätämöjoki.

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Karigasniemi and Kaamanen

An international village at the Norwegian boarder along the route to the North Cape.

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Northern Norway

Finnmark is situated north and east of northernmost Finland. From Finland you can cross the border to Norway in Karingasniemi, Utsjoki, Nuorgam and Näätämö.

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How to get there?

Inari-Saariselkä is far away in the North and yet just a few hours from southern Finland. You can fly to Lapland or make an unforgettable sightseeing tour to this Arctic area by rental car.



By car

Get to know the Inari-Saariselkä region and its magnificent scenery at your leisure. Far away in the North there is no such thing as rushing!

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By train and bus

The train will take you to Rovaniemi, where you will find numerous bus connections to Saariselkä and elsewhere in northern Lapland. Thanks to the well-run public transport you can even get as far as the Arctic Ocean!

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By air

Quickly reach your destination from Helsinki aboard Finnair or fly Norwegian. Charter flights from
UK and other European cities. From the airport there is  regular buss connection to and from each scheduled flight.

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Weekly activities

Enjoy the silence of the wilderness. Enjoy snow, nature and the thrill of speed. Enjoy togetherness, love carefree moments, learn something new and explore culture!

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Alternatives to Lapland classics in the modern kitchen.
Catering services and high-class entertainment also available.

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Sample the delights of the Arctic nature, the Northern Lights, the midnight sun and Sami culture… There is plenty to do and see in the Inari-Saariselkä region year-round.

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Whether you prefer to sleep under a duvet or a starry sky, there is a wide range of accommodation available, which can also cater for groups.

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