Boat trips

Experience a memorable boat trip in the arctic waters of Northern Lapland

Lemmenjoki riverboat cruise takes you to the Lemmenjoki National Park’s canyon-like river valley and beautiful sceneries of the wilderness. Riverboat cruise can be combined with a guided gold panning experience in the legendary goldfields without forgetting a stop at the scenic Ravadas waterfalls. In June the cleanest and third biggest lake in Finland, Lake Inarijärvi, is freed of its ice and the lake cruises and boat trips can begin. How about admiring the midnight sun on the catamaran deck or viewing the northern lights in a fishing boat on an autumn night?

A northernmost boat trip can be experienced in the crystal-clear River Teno on a traditional local riverboat. River Tenojoki is the longest and most important salmon river in Europe and marks the border between Finland and Norway. On top of these, there are many other pristine rivers and lakes in Northern Lapland.

Put on your life vest and join a boat trip in the arctic waters! See the boat excursion providers below.

Activities in Inari-Saariselkä

Enjoy the purity of the arctic nature and the silence of the vast wilderness. Explore snow, midnight sun and the magical dance of the Northern Lights. Love carefree moments, learn something new and discover the vibrant local culture! There are plenty of interesting and unique activities in Inari-Saariselkä to explore.

There is plenty to do and see year-round, with something for everyone. You can try out different nature sports, explore the intriguing local lifestyle, learn from the arctic nature or simply enjoy the silence and just be. The Far North offers an authentic setting for you and your family to enjoy your holiday. See the selection of different experiences below and easily choose the right adventures for you!

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