In the Kuukkeli Shopping Center you will find almost everything you need on your journey to Lapland!
3,000-square-meter sized shopping center is located right in the center of Saariselkä and it offers a wide range of services and products for your holiday needs. The Kuukkel shopping center is home to Saariselkä’s only grocery store, K-Market Kuukkeli. Under the same roof you will also find Restaurant Kuukkeli with its café and catering services, Accommodation Kuukkeli’s reception, Alko, Posti, Taxi, Pharmacy Medicine Cabinet and much more. Now you can also order products directly to your home from the Online Store Kuukkeli.

Groceries & Pirkka -label products: Most of the shopping center is reserved for groceries, food and household goods.

Lapland’s gourmet products: Lapland bread cheese, natural berry juices and jams, as well as various reindeer meat products and Inari fish delicacies.

Outdoor activities and wilderness products: Marttiini knives and other accessories for the outdoor kitchen. The selection includes headlamps, compasses, ski creams and ski care products, as well as high-quality footwear, socks, gloves, set of underwears and woolen clothing.

We are open every day of the year from 9 am to 9 pm. Summer or winter, rain or shine, Christmas or Midsummer – welcome to shopping in Saariselkä´s Shopping Center Kuukkeli.

Contact information

Shopping Center Kuukkeli

Saariseläntie 1

99830 Saariselkä

+358 600 302 700



68°25'13.4"N 27°24'37.0"E


Outdoor resort in northernmost Lapland

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