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Northernmost village of Finland and the EU

About Nuorgam

Nuorgam is the northernmost village in Finland and the EU, located 500 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, and a stone’s throw from the Arctic Ocean. The most celebrated landmark of Nuorgam is the great River Tenojoki, which is reputed as best salmon river in Europe. Right above the riverside village, rises the barren upland fells of Kaldoaivi wilderness area.

Local sights in Nuorgam

Landmark of the northernmost point of Finland

Landmark of the northernmost tip

The landmark of the northernmost tip of Finland and EU is located in the vicinity of the Pulmanki border crossing site along road number 970. From here, The Arctic Ocean lies a mere 30 kilometres away.

Lake Pulmankijärvi

Pulmankijärvi Lake

The ruggedly beautiful Pulmankijärvi Lake is formed out of an old Arctic Ocean fjord extending over 10 kilometres in length. Pulmankijärvi is accessible by car along a very scenic highland route leading through the fells. On the way is a viewpoint of Isonkivenvaara, and a hiking trail of approximately 6km to the Lake Skaidijärvi kota tepee.

wilderenss in autumn

Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area

Kaldoaivi is the largest of wilderness areas in Finland. The landscape of this roadless area varies from steep river valleys to upland fell areas. Due to the altitude of about 200-300 metres, the vegetation is mainly thin fell birch and towards the north becomes treeless. The area is suitable for experienced wilderness hikers or mountain bikers. Especially for fishermen Kaldoaivi is a dream destination because of the abundance of fish in the many rivers, brooks and lakes.

Fishing at River Teno

River Tenojoki

The River Teno is one of the largest and best salmon rivers in Europe. The first fly-fishing enthusiasts discovered the river in the 19th century, which can be considered as the beginning of recreational fishing tourism. Teno – Deatnu in Northern Sámi and Tana in Norwegian – is the border of Finland and Norway and therefore forms also the northern border of the European Union. The beautiful river valley of Tenojoki with is hidden sandy beaches is overlooked by rugged fells, creating an unforgettable arctic scenery.

hiking in the wildereness

Sevetti-Pulmanki Trail

The Sevettijärvi-Pulmanki hiking trail leads from Pulmankijärvi Lake through the great wilderness of Kaldoaivi. The route is approximately 60-70 km long. In its southernmost parts the route traverses boreal forests, whilst the terrain becomes more rugged towards the north, birch being the predominant vegetation. The route is also accessible to mountain bikers. There is also a winter route both for skiiers and snowmobilers.

Popular activities in the area

How to get here?

Inari-Saariselkä is far away in the North, yet just a few hours from Southern Finland. You can get to Lapland with multiple ways, and often the trip is an experience in itself.

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How to get around?

When travelling through the arctic hills, you must remember that distances are quite often long. Be sure to enjoy the views while making your way from a destination to another.



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