Ski Saariselkä Sport Resort

Experience the thrill of downhill skiing and snowboarding in Saariselkä, Finland’s northernmost ski resort. Spanning the slopes of two fells, the ski resort offers 15 slopes of varying difficulty, including a Freestyle Park. While enjoying the slopes, you can fuel up with energy in one of the restaurants gracing the slopes: Sport Bistro Pilkku and Kaunispään Huippu. At Ski Saariselkä you can find professional, reliable skiing instructors at Werner’s ski school. There are also campfire spots in the area, and a hut where you can enjoy your packed lunch.

Ski Saariselkä is a snow-sure ski resort built on the slopes of two fells, Kaunispää and Iisakkipää. The slopes are suitable for all skill levels.
Ski School Saariselkä provides instruction to both beginners and skiing enthusiasts alike. In addition to alpine skiing, you can learn  snowboarding, telemark skiing and of course, cross-country skiing and adapted alpine skiing. You will find suitable equipment for yourself from Ski Saariselkä’s rental shop selection, which is comprised mostly of Atomic products.

Ski Saariselkä center is located 1 km away from the center of Saariselkä, where the most accomodation is. Ski bus transfer daily.

Sport Bistro Pilkku offers lunch buffet and meals daily. More info to that during the season on

And the new Toboggan track is over 1 km long.



Ski Saariselkä Sport Resort
Tel. +358 (0)16 668 882

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