Galddoaivi Safaris

Looking for something else than mainstream travelling? Well, we are off the grid and totally unique.

Galddoaivi Safaris offers arctic activities and guided fishing in the Higher- Arctic- Lapland. Our base camp is located in a small border village Näätämö, just besides Norway. Therefore our excursions include activity in both sides of the border, in Finland and Norway.

We are a small family company and our specialties are all inclusive  fishing excursions and challenging hiking tours in the arctic mountains. We still haven’t offered two totally similar excursions. Every time a new visitor contacts, we make the experience special. That is also due to the eight arctic seasons we have here and all the time changing weather. But still your wishes are what make the greatest difference.

Go see our website for more information and some ready made excursion plans.

Welcome to our small village Näätämö, Neiden. Welcome to Higher-Lapland!

Arctic Ocean fishing
Summer fishing


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