Castillo Chalets

“Castillo” means castle in Spanish. Like the name says the chalets offer a luxurious setting for your stay in Saariselkä. Castillo apartments are furnished and equipped on a high standard. The apartments can accommodate even 20 people.
Chalets of Villa Castillo are located in beautiful southern slope of the Kaunispää at the tree line altitude. And Castillo Kelotähti is located exactly in the center of Saariselkä, near of the services..
Castillo Chalets are making your holiday easy and relaxing! If you don’t want to organize everything by yourself, please don ́t hesitate to ask for our help. You can order the activities and the meals through us, too.
Villa Castillo –semidetached house, one of the chalet is specially equipped for families with children
Villa Castillo- chalets wish your pets welcome, too.



Castillo Chalets
Koivutie 11 A ja B
Revotulentie 1 A 4

Tel. +358 (0)40 595 41 57
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