Travel safety


Here in the northernmost Lapland we have plenty of space for your to enjoy the vast open landscapes – to take deep breaths of the fresh and clean area. To relax and enjoy the freedom of time and space.

Travel safety is secured to everyone by following given guidelines and restrictions
Traveling in a safe way is prioritized very high this season. Health security measures taken upon arrival at Finland are aiming and playing a part in slowing down the spread of the pandemic.

9Lives does Covid-19 testing in the region at the airport and Neste Saariselkä

Should I book in advance?

You can come directly to a 9Lives testing location even without a referral from a doctor. However, a referral is always needed for a test, so you will be provided with one on site. Register no later than an hour before you arrive for the test so that your referral has time to be completed.

We recommend you to register and pay online in advance to avoid our testing locations getting unnecessarily crowded. Please book your test and register here :

Testing is done at Ivalo airport and Neste Saariselkä

  • tests can be done from a separate agreement at a hotel or such place.
  • Testing available at Neste Saariselkä daily from 8.00 till 10.30 in the morning
  • If the test result is needed for travelling or a non vaccinated person needs it for the covid passport the test costs. Antigen test with the certificate is 99€ and the PCR test with the certificate is 155€

It is possible to pay for the test by card at the location, but we recommend advance payment online.

The available tests are:

  • Antigen – the result is about 30 minutes to reach the customer
  • PCR – the result is about 12-48 hour to reach the customer

Please see the prices here:

For municipalities, tour operators, etc. the prices are agreed according to the service on a case-by-case basis.

The service is provided by 9lives Ensihoito Oy.

Please contact the service provider for opening times and hours

Contact person for northern finland:

Piritta Jomppanen

Please register here when departing to Finland Finentry service for travellers to Finland

Travel guidelines for travelling to Finland

Some further safeguards and regulations were announced by the Finnish Government on 22nd December.

  • From 28th December onwards all passengers arriving to Finland for purpose of holiday should present in addition to the corona pass a valid negative COV-9 test result taken no more than 48h previously
  • EU- and Schengen internal boarder checks will be put into action from 28th December onwards

There will be restrictions on the opening hours of restaurants starting from 24th December and further on 28th December – for meal service they will be open until 20h00, alcoholic beverages can be served only until 17h00. Corona pass is required in restaurants between 18h00 to 20h00.

Information about travel restrictions will be updated to official sites. Please see the links below for more information:

Current situation

We are following the communication of authorities and we inform about the development of the situation. The current situation in the Inari-Saariselkä travel area is very calm and the travelers use masks, follow guidelines and safety distances very well.

If you suspect you have been infected

Do not leave your accommodation, stay in! This way you prevent spreading the virus.

Book an appointment to be tested from the health care center of Ivalo. You can book a time by calling +358 40 188 7400 on week days from 8.15 till 10.00 and from 13.00 till 14.00.

The symptoms of the virus can be:

runny nose, cough, fever, unease of breathing

muscle ache and tiredness

nausea and diarrhea  

missing the sense of smell and taste

We expect responsibility from everyone in the area to make sure that everyone has an equal possibility to enjoy a health safe holiday.

Directions for travellers

Only do business when healthy

Go and have a test if you suspect you have been infected

Use mask indoors

Clean hands: Use hand sanitizer and wash them

Keep a safety distance of 2 meters

Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing

Download the corona flasher application

Opening hours of services

Most of the services in the travel area are open. Check the opening hours for each service from their website. 

Accommodation – by zooming the map or filtering by your destination you are able to see the operators in the area.

Restaurants – Filter by location

Activities – Here you can see the available activities

In addition ask for equipment transport straight to your accommodation without any contact necessary.

Open wilderness huts and wilderness cafés

All rest points (huts, kota huts, teepees) and wilderness cafés are open according to summer opening hours as normal until further notice.

  • Keep distance from others – at least 2 metres. Maintain good hand hygiene. Always follow the instructions from the public health authorities.
  • Think about which locations tend to get crowded, and choose less-busy alternatives. 
  • Bring lunch and snacks that do not require preparing or cooking on a fire. Designated campfire and picnic sites can get very crowded. Or buy a take-away picnic meal from a tourism entrepreneur who has a meal or café service adjacent to your nature destination. 
  • If you are planning to stay overnight, it is a good idea to bring your own shelter. Sufficient safety distances cannot always be guaranteed in huts and lean-to shelters.

Tourist informations in the area

From the tourist information points you get information about all the services in the area as well as about the national parks and wilderness areas. Below you can find the contact information to each point in the area.

Tourist information, Saariselkä: Lutontie 16, 99830, Saariselkä Tel.+358 40 168 7838

Tourist information, Ivalo: Ivalontie 10, 99800, Ivalo Tel. +358 40 168 9668

Tourist information, Inari: Inarintie 46, 99870, Inari Tel.+358 40 168 9668

That’s what we do in the Inari-Saariselkä Region – in accordance with the health and safety guidelines of the tourism and restaurant industry for Lapland area.

The guidelines apply to the activities of the tourism and restaurant industry in the region in regards the international and domestic tourism as well as the local population.