Tradition Hotel Kultahovi

Tradition Hotel Kultahovi is a traditional, Saami family run hotel which is located on a pristine spot by River Juutua and its rapids in Inari Saami village

Standing along side the roaring rapids of River Juutua, Hotel Kultahovi is more than just a hotel. It is a destination, where you arrive into another culture and will depart with knowledge and memories of northern nature and the indigenous way of life.

Tradition Hotel Kultahovi is a combination of service, heritage, culture and nature for our guests, who expect a lot from their visit. Our unique combination includes a magnificent location along River Juutua and its rapids, a central location in Inari village, which is the home of Sami culture in Finland, and the possibility to experience the spirit of our Arctic area through our activities. Tradition Hotel Kultahovi is a destination, where from you will leave with a deeper understanding of Europe’s only surviving indigenous culture.

Family-owned and family-run Hotel Kultahovi was founded already in 1937. In 1966 the new young hotel manager Maija Hertzberg, originally from Rovaniemi region, arrived in Inari. Soon she married a young local Inarisami man and since then has the Nikula family hosted the hotel. Now the hotel is run by siblings Kaisu and Heikki, the second generation, and our will is to offer our guests something unique and genuinely original. We aim to increase knowledge of the cultural heritage of Inari and the Sami area at large.

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Tradition Hotel Kultahovi

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