Shamaan Design-Lappi Shop

Memories from the far north

Our cozy shop, Shamaan Design – Lappi Shop is located in Saariselkä, in Santa´s Gielas building. Shamaan Design is an import business, silk screen printing house and souvenir shop formed in 2006 in Ivalo.  In our collection we have Heimo-Koru bronze jewelry and Lappi-Tuote souvenirs. We print Lapland and nature themed t-shirts, but we also print wishes of the customers. Our speciality is our unique tie dyed shirts .We import to Finland Australian oilskin jackets, quality leather, felt and summer hats.

In addition, we also travel around the country at fairs, markets, horse racing and other big events. We also send our products through post with cash on delivery or as in advance payment. Dispatch costs are included in the payment.

When you buy over 300 euros worth of products you get the delivery for free. Deliveries will be taken with e-mail.



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Shamaan Design-Lappi Shop
Saariseläntie 14
Tel.+ 358 (0)40 718 43 40

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