Lapin Kutsu Holiday Apartments

The apartments of Lapin Kutsu are all well equipped, all of them have sauna, shower, toilet, fireplace, firewood, TV, radio, range, microwave oven,  refrigerator, coffee-maker, crockery and cutlery.
Some of the apartments have dishwashers, CD-players, etc. It’s customery for Finnish travelers to bring their own sheets and towels with them, so they are not included in the price. If agreed, they can be delivered to the apartment.

Are you dreaming of buying a vacation home or a vacation apartment? we can help you to find a suitable house or apartment for you.

Kaunispää apartements
Apartment for 2 persons 29 m2-33 m2
Apartement for 2-4 persons 33 m2 – 40 m2
Apartement for 4-6 persons 16 m2 + 31 m2

Saariselkä centre apartments
Apartments for 3-5 persons 40 m2-79 m2

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Lapin Kutsu Holiday Apartments
Kelotie 2, Siula
Tel. +358 (0)400 287 744

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