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Alma Arktika is a service company founded in 2015 offering accommodation, specialised equipment rental, and guided tours, and is based in Nuorgam, Utsjoki, the EU’s northernmost village. We organise nature experiences in Sámiland, operating in and around Nuorgam’s Kaldoaivi wilderness as well as the Teno river and its tributaries. On occasion, we venture to the Norwegian side, to Ifjord and the Arctic Ocean.

We will take you exploring by mountain bike, kayak and kite in Kaldoaivi’s immense and beautiful wilderness. You can enjoy the offerings of the wilderness, such as fish, reindeer, berries, mushrooms, and grouse.We adore the Arctic nature of Lapland and wish to guide others in its enjoyment.

We provide:

Guided tours

Rental gear

Riverside cottage & wilderness cottage

Wilderness transportation by snowmobile & ATV

Kite school
In the beginners’ course you will learn all the basics of snow-kiting, kiting safety, kite-handling on the ground and in the air, and reading the wind and conditions. The duration of the course is about 6 hours over 1–2 days, depending on wind conditions.

Mountain biking
Utsjoki has hundreds of kilometres of mountain biking trails, from which can be found just the right route for everybody. Come with us on a day tour to Utsjoki’s Ailigas Fell where we can find  the most suitable mountain-biking tour for your riding skills and condition. A challenge can be found for everyone! Utsjoki’s Ailigas is one of three holy fells in Utsjoki municipality, and it offers many fantastic opportunities to pound those pedals—from a couple of hours’ worth to a full day’s tour. You can choose from mountain-bike tours starting from 12 kilometres to over 36 kilometres, and  on each tour you will experience mountain biking in an authentic and demanding wilderness.

Kayaking trip along the Teno to the Arctic Sea
We arrange kayaking trips in the best season to enjoy the scenery, starting at River Teno along Karigasniemi all the way to the Arctic Sea. All in all, the trip is almost 200 km long, occurring downstream at a steady pace. During the trip, we’ll stop for lunch at the key locations

Aurora adventure
Watch the Aurora Borealis dance above the river Teno while you rest in a hot tub. Due to its location, Nuorgam is one of the best places to chase the Nordic lights. We have zero light pollution, and because of the cold weather there are no clouds. This makes it possible to see the northern lights during 60–70% of the winter nights. If, on a particular night, the sky should disappoint, at least you get a nice little adventure and a luxurious evening in a hot tub.


Alma Arktika

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