Come to Lemmenjoki and spend a wonderful day as a guest with Paltto Saami family. During the day you will experience the chant of wilderness, hear astonishing traditional saami yoik, stories about reindeer herding, Sámi culture and get to know the mysteries of feltmaking.  

We start our journey travelling 15km by riverboat along the beatiful river Lemmenjoki, reaching deep into the national park an to the ravadas falls. On the way there you`ll see astonishingmountain line rising from the river canyon. At Ravadas you´ll get tot see nature carved falls and ear it´s powerful sound. We´ll have delicious reindeer soup at open fire and for dessert coffee and cake. While sitting around fire, you will hear traditional Sámi yoik and stories about reindeer herding. Šhen arriving back to Lemmenjoki, you will meet at old Sámi surroundings.

Tiedä, ennen kuin tulet

we operate for small groups, max 20 people. 

distances from Inari 48km or 40 min. , Ivalo 100km or 1 hour, Saariselkä 120km or 1,5 hours, Levi 150km or 2 hours.

  • inform your diet if you need glutein free and if you need vegetary option 
  • good to have warm clothes with you in case of weather changes

Mitä minun on otettava mukaan?

Depending on time of the year, it is good to have warm clothes with you in case of weather changes. 

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