reindeer racing in Inari

Hundreds of specially trained reindeer with their drivers and service teams come to Inari to take part to the 68th Reindeer Championships. The racers stand on skis behind the reindeer. Reindeer Championships are organized as a knock-out competition, starting with qualifying heats and leading up to grand final on Sunday where the fastest fight it out for the title of Champion of Finland. As the overall winner is only crowned after the last race, suspense is guaranteed until the final moments. The Reindeer race has long traditions in Lapland and the reindeer are trained by using traditional knowledge.

Events in the region don’t get more local or traditional than this! The first Reindeer Championships were held in Inari in 1959. Snacks, drinks and other refreshments together with a wide range of local products are also available at the venue. The Reindeer Championships are an excellent venue for truly authentic souvenir shopping as a number of handicraft and jewelry makers have a stand at the race.

Come and enjoy an unforgettable day in Inari! Transportation is organized from Saariselkä and Ivalo to the race venue and back on both days. Race venue is on the Inari Lake by Holiday Village Inari, Inarintie 26, 99870 Inari. Ticket 10€ / adults, children under 12 years old free of charge.

Reindeer Championships Program 2020

Saturday 28.3. at 11.00

  • Opening ceremony
  • Supunki (lasso) throwing qualifying women and men
  • Junior series (8-13 years) 1000 m
  • Reindeer auction
  • Group start 1000 m
  • Silver Race qualification, group race 1000 m
  • Reindeer Cup award ceremony at Tradition Hotel Kultahovi at 9 pm

Sunday 29.3. at 11.00

  • Opening the competition day
  • Supunki (lasso) throwing finals women/ men
  • Silver Race finals, single starts 1000 m
  • Challenge race
  • Hot series, finals
  • Relay race junior / contestant / junior
  • Championships, single start, 2000 m
  • The reward ceremony, Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos

Transportation Saariselkä-Ivalo-Inari

Saturday 28.3.
10.00 Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna, Santa’s Hotel Tunturi, Holiday Club Saariselkä
10.30 Ivalo bus station– Inari, race venue
16.30 Return transportation Inari, race venue – Ivalo – Saariselkä

Sunday 29.3.
10.00 Lapland Hotel Riekonliina, Santa’s Hotel Tunturi, Holiday Club Saariselkä
10.30 Ivalon bus station – Inari, race venue
18.00 Return transportation Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos – Ivalo – Saariselkä
Tickets/ day:

20 € / adult
10 € / child
10 / 5 € / one way

15 € / adult
7 € child
7 / 3 € / one way

The bus ticket does not include ticket to the races, it has to be bought on site.

Event information


28.3.2020 - 29.3.2020




Lomakylä Inari, Inari

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