Welcome to Polar Night Jazz

Published: 18.09.2018

The Polar Night Jazz Festival is held in Saariselkä on 22.-25.11.2018. The festival will bring together some of the best Finnish jazz performers, young rising stars and local sami artists. The festival programme offers a variety of events, from dinner concerts in gourmet restaurants to more intimate gigs in the local chapel and a down-to-earth venue at a hut in the forest. This year Polar Night Jazz wants to support upcoming musicians and therefore the program is build up together with the famous Oulu Jazz Conservatory. Let’s enjoy the melodies of jazz, delicacies of the kitchens and a relaxing atmosphere in the Far North in the embrace of the arctic nature.

Welcome to the northern fells to enjoy jazz under the polar sky!

Polar Night Jazz programme:

Thursday 22.11. at 22:00 Santa’s Hotel Tunturi 
A tribute to Norah Jones – Psyche-Mike Jazzband | Sonja Lumme & Smart Casual

Traditional jazz singing with an earthy vibe
Sonja Lumme belongs to the elite of Finnish jazz singers. She is a regular guest soloist for big orchestras and jazz ensembles. Sonja’s personal favorites in jazz include great standard gurus such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Bobby Darin and Mel Torme, whose music she fell in love with in her teens. She is also a great fan of soul music from the sixties.

The concert will consist of bold, melodic jazz standards in which Sonja Lumme has distinguished herself as a phenomenal interpreter with big bands and ensembles of her own. During the concert we will hear Sonja diverge from jazz to the classics of soul and blues, giving them an earthy interpretation. The arrangements of the pieces may surprise you at times, making old favorites new and interesting.

 Sonja Lumme and Psyche-Mike Jazzband


Friday 23.11. at 20:00 (dinner starts at 18:00) Lapland Hotels Riekonlinna 
A Tribute to Nat King Cole – Psyche-Mike Jazzband | A tribute to Charles Mignus – Smart Casual

At this dinner concert you will get to devour the legendary melodies of Nat King Cole and Charles Mingus presented and interpreted by the talents of Oulu Conservatoire.

The conservatoire’s teachers’ jazz orchestra Smart Casual has arranged pieces from the legendary Charles Mingus. We will hear a wonderful selection of pieces from Mingus’ extensive career. The students’ jazz concert takes a dive into the shiny pearls of jazz. Be prepared for some groovy swing and heartfelt ballads selected from pieces by Nat King Cole.

Saturday 24.11. at 19:30 (dinner starts at 17:00) Restaurant Petronella 
A tribute to Postmodern Jukebox – Julia Sundberg & Smart Casual

At the evening concert at Restaurant Petronella we will hear some newer shades of jazz. The American jazz ensemble ”Postmodern Jukebox” has delighted jazz audiences for years with new, artistic jazz interpretations of traditional rock and pop classics. Smart Casual will perform these amazing pieces with talented singer Julia Sundberg as their soloist.

Jazzband Smart Casual and Julia Sundberg


Saturday 24.11. at 21:00 Aurora Nature Hut

Aila-duo is formed by lyricist-songwriter Heli Aikio from Inari and singer-songwriter Jessika Lampi who combine two traditional instruments in their Inari Sámi folk pop: the Finnish zither and the Sámi drum. The duo performs covers as well as original pieces. When writing their own music, Heli is in charge of the Inari Sámi language lyrics – the endangered but reviving language is spoken only by about 400 people at the moment. The melodies the duo writes either together or separately.  They embraces the polar night in their unique Aila-way inspired by their roots.

Sunday 25.11. at 12:00 Chapel of St. Paul in Saariselkä
Ánnámáret & Ilkka Heinonen

This duo combining Sámi vocal music and the traditional Finnish lyre is formed by Ánnámáret and Ilkka Heinonen. Ánnámáret, Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman is an Inari-born artist, musician and teacher who currently lives in Utsjoki and works with Sámi music. Ilkka Heinonen is a Helsinki-based musician specialized in folk and world music. One of his specialties is playing the traditional Finnish lyre. The duo combines traditional Sámi vocal music, melodies created by Ánnámáret and the earthy sound of the Finnish lyre in their music to create an ancient musical landscape for the soul. They take their listeners to somewhere on the other side, to trace the tracks of our forefathers.

On Sunday we will hear Ánnámáret and Ilkka Heinonen. Aila-duo will perform in Aurora Hut on Saturday.


Tickets are available at www.lipputoimisto.fi, and at the concert venues. Welcome to the Polar Night Jazz, some 250 km north of the Arctic Circle where music echoes in the harmony with the arctic environment! #kaamosjazz #polarnightjazz