Northern Norway

At the far north of Europe there is plenty to see and do

Finnmark is situated north and east of northernmost Finland. From Finland you can cross the border to Norway in Karingasniemi, Utsjoki, Nuorgam and Näätämö. Time difference is -1 hour when you drive from Finland to Norway. For centuries, fishing industry was very important for this area, and even today you can find several characteristic old fishing villages with coloured, wooden houses. One of these villages is  Bugøynes, fFnnish know the village by the name Pykeija. If you are coming from Finland, the distance to the village from Neiden (in Finnish Näätämö) is 90 km, and from Nuorgam about 100 km.





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How to get there?

Inari-Saariselkä is far away in the North and yet just a few hours from southern Finland. You can fly to Lapland or make an unforgettable sightseeing tour to this Arctic area by rental car.



By car

Get to know the Inari-Saariselkä region and its magnificent scenery at your leisure. Far away in the North there is no such thing as rushing!

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By train and bus

The train will take you to Rovaniemi, where you will find numerous bus connections to Saariselkä and elsewhere in northern Lapland. Thanks to the well-run public transport you can even get as far as the Arctic Ocean!

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By air

Quickly reach your destination from Helsinki aboard Finnair or fly Norwegian. Charter flights from
UK and other European cities. From the airport there is  regular buss connection to and from each scheduled flight.

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