Ivalo Safaris is a family owned company with long experience – Activities with warm heart, far away from the crowds

Our family has been living in the area for generations and Lake Inari is our specialty. Ivalo Safaris has also many local experienced guides working for us, they are all local people. With us you can feel the authentic moments of Lapland, you can hear stories and ask about local life.

We offer Aurora Hunting Safaris and Ice Fishing in Lake Inari and Snowmobile safaris in Ivalo River. Husky and Reindeer safaris are done by our co-operation partners, they are also small family business.

We can offer tailormade overnight safaris in Lake Inari, and other private experiences. Please take contact, we want to make sure you have the best possible experience. Our office is located at Ivalo River Camping & Resort, 4 kilometers south from the center of Ivalo.

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Ivalo Safaris
+358 40 158 9515


68° 54' N, 27° 1' E


Home of the enchanting Sámi culture

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