Visit Inari Safaris & Accommodation

Find authentic Lapland and experience the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun in the Sámi village of Inari!
Our family-run Hotel Inari and cottages offers accommodation and  Visit Inari safaris offers tours to wilderness of Inari and tours to Northernmost Finland and Norway. We also offer exclusive hotel accommodation in the Hotel Inari in the center of Inari village. For budget travelers we offer modest cabin accommodation and camping in the Holiday Village Inari.

In the winter time you can join a  Husky Experience or Aurora Snowmobile tour or book a two hour snowmobile safari.

Also a special  four day Aurora package is available from 1.12.2017 – 31.3.2018. 



Visit Inari Safaris & Accommodation
Inarintie 38
FI-99870 INARI
Tel. +358 (0) 40 179 6069


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