Pulmankijärvi Lake

The ruggedly beautiful Pulmankijärvi Lake is located in Nuorgam. The Pulmankijärvi Lake is the northernmost lake in Finland formed out of an old Arctic Ocean fjord extending over 10 kilometres in length. Pulmankijärvi is accessible by car along a scenic highland route leading through the fells. The lake is home to a species of a freshwater flounder and the rare Myricaria germanica plant.

The Sevettijärvi-Pulmanki hiking trail leads from Pulmankijärvi Lake through the great wilderness of Kaldoaivi. The route is approximately 60-70 km long. In its southernmost parts the route traverses boreal forests, whilst the terrain becomes more rugged towards the north, birch being the predominant vegetation. The route is marked with orange-tipped wooden posts. The route is also accessible to mountain bikers.

There is also a winter route between Sevettijärvi and Pulmanki, which is around 70 km long. The route is marked with blue crosses. There is a snowmobile track between Sevettijärvi and Nuorgam, which is marked with red crosses.

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