Prospector’s Mine

The Prospektor mining company founded a gold mine on the headwaters of the Luttojoki River in the early 1900 s. The company believed that the area contained gold deposits and decided to establish a mine. A road, which would later extend to Petsamo, was built connecting the site in Laanila to Sodankylä. The mining company’s main office became the first building in Saariselkä and later housed the Laanila public house. No gold was ever found in the mine and ultimately it was shut down.

The Prospector’s Mine is located within 1km of Laanila’s Savotta Cafe, which also features a parking area. The mine is located around 5km from Saariselkä. A small hut has been constructed on top of the old mine shaft and looks out over it. Mining equipment and traces of past mining operations can still be seen in the mine area.