Otsamo fell

Otsamo is a 418-metre-high fell in Inari. The fell is located approximately ten kilometres from the village of Inari. The Otsamo peak offers magnificent views of lakes Inarijärvi and Muddusjärvi as well as the Muotkatunturi fells and Joenkielinen.

The hiking path to Otsamo starts opposite the Sami Museum and Nature Center Siida. The trek is around 20km long. Otsamo is also accessible via the Vasatokka Youth Centre along a signposted path, and the Rovajärventie road leading off Angelintie takes visitors to the parking area from which a steep 2.6km ascent leads to Otsamo. Atop the Otsamo fell there is a cabin where visitors can take a break from hiking. The cabin features a fireplace.

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