Lemmenjoki National Park

The largest national park in Finland, with its river valley surrounded by fells, offers a variety of trails for trekkers. Visitors can experience the true essence of Lapland’s wilderness and gold mining industry on a daytrip to Lemmenjoki. The magical wilderness is also sure to inspire trekkers to embark on even longer journeys. Hop on a riverboat or pack a lunchbox and hike along signposted trails to experience the beauty of the fells rising up from the river valley. Visit the “reindeer king” Kaapin Jouni’s historical farm and get to know the everyday culture of the local Sami people via guided tours organised by local entrepreneurs.

Lemmenjoki is the largest national park in Finland, as well as one of the largest uninhabited, roadless, forest wildernesses in Europe. Stretching over 70 kilometres, the River Lemmenjoki  flows through the national park. Signposted trails, wilderness refuges, rental cabins and designated campfire sites greatly facilitate hiking in the Lemmenjoki valley and the goldfields. Feel free to go off piste in the largest national park in Finland.

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