Lake Inarijärvi

The beautifully rugged Inarijärvi is the third largest and the second deepest lake in Finland. It is the clearest and brightest of Finland’s great lakes. Inarijärvi flows via the Paatsjoki River to the Varang fjord in the Barents Sea. The great lake features some 3,318 islands, as well as a series of large ridges without islands. A tight-knit network of wilderness refuges carpets the shoreline and the islands, providing shelter for canoeists and boaters during the summer and cross-country skiers during the winter. During the summer season that kicks off in June, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy Inarijärvi via a boat cruise.

Inarijärvi is also home to the famous Ukonsaari island. The Ukonkivi rock is a historical holy site for the Sami people. These holy sites were considered to be the dwelling places of gods, spirits and elves. The supreme god was known as Äijih (Ukko in Finnish), the term referring to the rumble of thunder. Ukonsaari is approximately 30 metres high, 50 metres wide and 100 metres long. There is a daily ferry trip from the village of Inari to Ukonsaari island during the summer months.

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