Kevo Nature Reserve

The Kevo Nature Reserve with its magnificent canyons is among the most rugged hiking attractions in Finland. The nature reserve is accessible via a 2-kilometre nature trail starting at Sulaoja along the Karigasniementie road. Kevo offers challenging trails of 63 and 86.5km. The unique area is a prime habitat for rare birds, which is why access is restricted to signposted trails. The heart of the nature reserve consists of a canyon spanning 40km in length and in places 80m in depth, at the bottom of which flows the Kevojoki River. Established in 1956, the reserve’s footprint covers some 712km².

Hiking in Kevo
The end points of the Kevo trail in Sulaoja and Kenesjärvi are accessible by car.

  • Sulaoja is located 11km east of Karigasniemi along the Karigasniemi-Kaamanen road.
  • Kenesjärvi is located 26km south of Utsjoki along the Utsjoki-Kaamanen road.
  • The end points of the trail have parking areas. Once their hikes are complete, visitors are able to return to the parking areas by bus. Local companies can also help transfer the car to the other end point. Car transfer services and route instructions are available at the Utsjoki Nature Information Hut

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