Karhunpesäkivi Rock

Karhunpesäkivi is an erratic bolder located in Myössäjärvi, approximately 25km north of Ivalo. Karhunpesäkivi, which is a tafone rock formation reminiscent of a giant’s kettle, is the only such structure in the world that has shifted from its original location during the Ice Age. Karhunpesäkivi is also the largest, so-called erratic, hollow bolder in Finland. The tafone was created as the internal parts of the rock were gradually abraded by water and changes in temperature. The interior surfaces of the rock feature a honeycomb-like formation created by the weaker material eroding around the stronger material.

The Myössäjärvi lake is another scenic trekking site, offering not only amazing scenery but a café as well.

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