Kaapin Jouni farm

The Kaapin Jouni farm, located in the northern end of Lake Sotkajärvi, is the historical residence of a famous Sami family. The farm was established in the late 19th century and has been inhabited ever since. The farm was set up by Menes-Antti, or Karhu-Antti, whose real name was Antti Juhaninpoika Morottaja (1853-1907). The most famous member and patriarch of the family, Jouni Aikio (Kaapin Jouni, 1875-1956), known as the “reindeer king”, moved into the farm after Menes-Antti. The Kaapin Jouni farm was acquired by the government in 2002 and it is now part of the Lemmenjoki National Park.  The last member of the family moved out of the farm in 2004.

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