Ivalo Kunden Service Point / Staatsforstbetrieb Kunden Service Point

Information on hiking opportunities in the Ivalojoki River, Nellim Area in Inari, Sevettijärvi-Näätämö Area and in Kevo Strict Nature Reserve, Lemmenjoki National Park, Northern Lapland wilderness areas, and Inari Hiking Area.Reservations and keys to rental huts in the wilderness areas (managed by Metsähallitus), and information on other accommodation opportunities nearby.Permits for fishing, hunting, cross-country traffic, and collection of firewood.For sale: maps, books, and other products relating to the nearby area.Tourist information on the Inari region.


Ivalo Customer Service/Metsähallitus
Ivalontie 10
FI- 99800 IVALO
Tel. + 358 (0)20 639 7701



Klassifikation: Sommersaison, Wintersaison