Lap Adventures Oy arranges a wilderness experience of your lifetime in the beautiful landscape of Lapland and Norway, where you can see the four seasons: the snowy winter with aurora, warm spring, the nightless night of the summer, and the colourful autumn. We have lived here all our lives, so we have extensive experience of the nature of Lapland, and know how to get around in the wilderness. Our goal is to provide high quality service for our guests. Enjoy and admire the beautiful nature of Lapland and Norway with us!

We organise tailor-made trips for hunting, summer fishing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, hiking and other adventures. We also have tours for viewing and photographing the aurora, provide transport and accommodation services, and rent out equipment such as tents, boats and snowmobiles. We operate mainly in the wilderness of the northern Lapland, but also in Ivalo, Inari and Saariselkä.


The snowmobile safaris are organised according to your wishes in the beautiful and pristine snow-sure landscape of Lapland and Norway. Our professional guides provide you with unforgettable experiences in the awe-inspiring nature of Lapland or Norway. On the snowmobile safari, you can explore the wintertime wilderness of Lapland for a few hours or several days. You can borrow all the necessary equipment from us for the duration of the safari, so you don’t need to purchase it yourself. Our safari routes are designed so that they do not harm the environment.
Would you like to bring your business partner, your customers or your employees to experience the Lappish nature as a guest of Lap Adventure? Ask for a quote, and we will create a tailormade wilderness experience for you!
The safari starts from Ivalo, Inari or Saariselkä. The trip will be organised according to your wishes to the Arctic Sea or the wilderness of the Finnish Lapland. If required, we can offer a full-service package including accommodation and meals. You can add ice fishing or other activities to the safari. Duration: 1 or more days

Ice fishing safaris

Welcome to an ice fishing trip in the Northern Lapland. The cold Arctic waters are waiting for you in the pristine nature. We cannot guarantee that you will catch fish, but we can offer you unforgettable experiences with the help of our professional guides in the beautiful unspoiled nature of Lapland. We will transport you in a sledge pulled by a snowmobile, but you can of course also drive the snowmobile yourself. Would you like to bring your business partner, your customers or your employees to experience the Lappish nature as a guest of Lap Adventure?
Ask for a quote, and we will customise the wilderness experience for you!

Aurora tours

Would you like to witness the exotic light phenomenon in the sky? The aurora is a light phenomenon made up of colourful and dancing patterns in the night sky. In Lapland, the aurora can occur as often as every other night. The best time to see the northern lights is from the beginning of November to the end of March. One the Aurora Safari, we will take you by a snowmobile or a car to admire this amazing celestial light phenomenon. The tour departs from Saariselkä or Ivalo. If needed, our guide can teach you how to photograph the northern lights. The tour is cancelled if the sky is overcast.
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