Sámi culture and reindeer herding

Would you like to try catching river trout while hiking with a reindeer or compete with your colleague in reindeer driving skills. These and many other unforgettable experiences we have provided to our customers over 20 years. Already in second generation our aim is to give emotional response among Sámi culture and reindeer herding.

You are able to choose a sensible alternative of our comprehensive selection of activities or we create personal program to your own demand, then your imagination is the only limit.


Kaksama is a combination between Sámi culture, northern materials and pinch of youth craziness. We are a multi profession company spesialised to Arctic adventures and handicraft production. Our gifts and craft are all made of traditional Sámi materials reindeer antler, sheep wool and northern wood adjusted to modern use. In Kaksama-collection clothes you are able to sense inspiration of Sámi rock paintings. Our store is located at the Inari Reindeerfarm. Welcome.

Contact information

Inari Reindeerfarm

Kittiläntie 1445
99870 INARI
Tel: 358-50 066 6444
E-mail: reindeerfarm@reindeerfarm.fi

Kaksama Ky

Kittiläntie 1445
99870 INARI

Tel: 358-44 055 0988
E-mail: kaksama@reindeerfarm.fi


68° 54' N, 27° 1' E


Home of the enchanting Sámi culture

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