Arctic Agency is a tour operator and travel agency based In Ivalo-Inari-Saariselkä area, where we have the world most pure nature, water and air.

Arctic Agency offer this and much more..
– Winter wonderland
– Untouchable wilderness
– Amazing Northern Lights
– White Christmas
– Midnight sun
– Breathtaking landscapes
– 8 incredible season
– Delicious Lappish cuisines
– As many reindeer as people

Arctic Agency is a local family owned company and our focus is in all inclusive high end and luxury vacations.
We offer enjoyable, relaxing and exclusive holidays and experiences according at your wishes and needs.
Every experience and activity is personalized upon your desires.

Come here with your family, friends, business partners or what can be more romantic than weddings in Lapland. Arctic Agency is ready to make “All For You”!

Contact information

Arctic Agency

Kivikkotie 3, 99800 Ivalo

+358 (0)50 4313 999



68° 54' N, 27° 1' E


Home of the enchanting Sámi culture

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