Star Arctic3-001

Star Arctic Hotel

Star Arctic Hotel is located on the top of the Kaunispää Mountain “Beauty Hill” of Saariselkä. From inside the hotel or any room, you can experience the full view of Saariselkä as well as immerse you into the beautiful arctic landscapes in the distance.

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Restaurant Sarrit

The cozy Café/Restaurant Sarrit offers visitors a rest during their visit to Sàmi Museum and Nature Centre Siida´s exhibitions. The delicacies of the restaurant provide a taste of the clean ingredients of the north.

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Ski Saariselkä Sport Resort

Спортивный комплекс Саариселька (Saariselkä Sport Resort) – самый северный горнолыжный курорт Европы. Горнолыжные трассы проложены на склонах двух лапландских сопок — Кауниспяя и Иисаккипяя, тем самим создавая отличные условия, как для начинающих, так и для ярых поклонников данного вида спорта.
Расположение и окрестность

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Muotkan Maja Wilderness Lodge

Muotkan Maja Wilderness Lodge is perfect setting for honeymoon, anniversary and romantic getaway. We provide great adventures and unique experiences in beautiful and natural setting.

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Wilderness Hotel Nellim

The Wilderness Hotel Nellim is located in a very peaceful corner of Finnish Lapland away from the big tourist centres of Lapland on the shores of a part of Lake Inarijärvi

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Shopping Center Kuukkeli

Shopping Center Kuukkeli is located in the very centre of Saariselkä. At Shopping Center Kuukkeli you can buy almost everything you need on your holiday. Open every day from 9 am to 21 pm.

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Ivalo_River Camping_Copyright-Laura-Elo-7690

Ivalo River Camping

Little cosy camping site, located 4 km south from Ivalo. Our restaurant is fully licenced, in the evenings we have good music and karaoke. We serve local fish and reindeerdishes, as well as fast food.

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Husky Co.

A fully licensed husky bar and ranch on the Laanila cross-country skiing/hiking trail.

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Ahkun Tupa/Lemmenjoki Holiday Village

Ahkun Tupa is the first Sami travel service and tourism firm in the Lemmenjoki region. We offer cozy cabins for 2-4 people on the river bank of Lemmenjoki.

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JPG Large_kylpyla_1_hc_saarXso0032pi

Спа-отель Holiday Club и коттеджи в Saariselkä

Cпа-отель Holiday Club Saariselkä (Саариселькя) – самый северный в Европе, если не во всём мире, спа-отель и коттеджный поселок.

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Hotel Korpikartano from the yard 2 P+ä+äKUVA

Hotel Korpikartano

Hotel Korpikartano offers you authentic facilities in a tiny reindeer herder village Menesjärvi far from busy life. Location next to Lake Menesjärvi and legendary Lemmenjoki National Park gives you plenty of space and luxury of silence.

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Siida, Sámi Museum and Nature Centre

Siida is a central meeting place in Inari, the heart of the Sámi Area in Finland. It is a window on Sámi culture and the diverse nature of Northern Lapland.

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Aurora Huippu (3)

Panorama Restaurant Kaunispään Huippu

In the daytime, Kaunispään Huippu serves as an all-round café and restaurant. In addition to the spectacular views, you’ll be able to enjoy delicacies baked freshly in our own bakery as well as delicious dishes from our kitchen.

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Музей золота

Музей золота в Танкаваара, в Лапландии, является единственным в мире международным музеем истории золотодобычи.

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The Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos

The Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos is situated on the bank of River Juutuanjoki in Inari Finland. Sajos is the centre of Sámi culture and administration.

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Savottakahvila Café and Savottakämppä Lodge

Affordable meals, lodging and sauna bathing in Laanila, Saariselkä

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