The meeting point of three cultures

Karigasniemi (Gáregasnjárga in north Saami language) is the meeting point of Saami, Finnish and Norwegian languages and cultures.

Karigasniemi is located in Utsjoki municipality on the border of Finland and Norway. In the village and its surrounding areas are living some 500 inhabitants. The closest neighbour, Karasjoki, on the Norwegian side of the boarder is only 18 km away. It is also a short journey to the Arctic Ocean. There is good access from Karigasniemi to the Porsang fjord or all the way to the North Cape. The route 970 takes you from Karigasniemi to Utsjoki following the 100 km journey alongside the River Teno continuing from there to Nuorgam. This “Route Teno” has been given the title of the most beautiful route in Finland as it travels alongside the river through breathtakingly beautiful fells and valleys – you cannot find anything like it elsewhere in Finland.

The national boarder of Finland and Norway runs in the River Inari which passes the village and changes to River Teno at the meeting point of the River Karas just few kilometres north of Karigasniemi.

The rivers offer great surroundings for fishing and fly fishing. The Paistunturi wilderness opens up to the north-east of the village and Muotkatunturi wilderness to the south-east of Karigasniemi.

On Sulaoja (Skalonjuovččan) nature trail one can find the sacred natural spring which is the biggest one in Finland measured by water content. From the trail opens up the breathtaking panoramic scenery to the Rivers Inari and Karas and to the River Teno Valley.

Karigasniemi village has vitality and its shops, restaurants and tourist companies service the local population and the neighbouring Norwegians as well as the leisure travellers.



The Meeting point of three cultures in the River Teno Valley on the route to the North Cape


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