Aurora Chasing with Professional Photographer

Charms of Arctic Auroras

26.11.2017 / 19:00 - 23:59 / Hotel Inari, Inari

Osallistu revontuliretkeen ammattilaisen valokuvaajan ohjaamana. Retkelle mahtuu enintään kuusi ihmistä ja revontulia jahdataan kaupunkimaasturilla tai pienellä tila-autolla seuraten säätiedotusta ja poissa kylien valoista. Retken kesto vaihtelee kolmesta tunnista koko yöhön, riippuen revontulien näkyvyydestä. Retki järjestetään englannin kielellä, lisätietoa alla.

You already know it: Finnish Lapland is a perfect place to witness the Aurora. But sometimes the weather does not cooperate, and there are clouds right above the Inari village. That’s where I come in.

We will drive in a comfortable SUV or small van to clearer skies, following the weather forecast and away from the village lights.

After an important safety briefing, we will start driving in the direction of the good weather. This will bring us either East to the Russian border, or further North or West to the Norwegian border. Sometimes we may even have to enter Norway and take photos on the shore of the Arctic Ocean! I will regularly monitor the weather forecast updates on my smartphone to refine our search. I have been driving all these roads over and over again the past 6 winters. I know each and every of them perfectly with all the safe and photogenic places to stop!

We are together a maximum of 6 people so the tour remains very cosy. This also allows great flexibility on the ground that we can cover to increase our chances to see the Northern Lights!

Our Aurora hunt might last from 3 hours up to the entire night. I will always do my best to give you the best possible experience. I never give an “end time” to our hunt, because if we are under dancing Aurora, who really wants to go back to the hotel?

THE PRICE for a full night of Aurora hunting, including hot drinks and some light snacks is, with a pick up in Inari: 165 euros / person (on the basis of up to 6 people in the tour)

This includes photography tips and help with setting up your camera for those who need it.

Pick-up in Ivalo and Saariselkä are also possible with an additional fee of respectively 25 euros and 45 euros.



This event is part of Charms of Arctic Auroras festival.

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