Reindeer Championships in Inari


31.03.2018 - 01.04.2018 / All Day / Inarin kylä, Inari

Hundreds of specially trained reindeer with their drivers and service teams come to Inari to take part to the competition. The racers stand on skis behind the reindeer. The event is organized as a knock-out competition, starting with qualifying heats and leading up to grand final on Sunday where the fastest fight it out for the title of Champion of Finland. As the overall winner is only crowned after the last race, suspense in guaranteed until the final moments.

The Reindeer race has long traditions in Inari and the reindeer are trained by using traditional knowledge. From spring till autumn the reindeer gaze freely living normal reindeer life in the fells and forests with their reindeer friends.

Snacks, drinks and other refreshments together with a wide range of local products are also available at the venue. Events in the region don’t get more local than this with long traditions of reindeer racing. The first Reindeer Championship was held in Inari in 1959.

Transportatipon is organized from Saariselkä to the race venue and back both days.

Organized by: Finnish Reindeer Competitors Association/ The competition committee

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