Niillas Holmberg Ensemble


26.11.2017 / 12:00 / Saariselän Kappeli, Saariselkä

Arctic folk music in north Sami language. It is born when musician-poet who combines singer&songwriter-style meets classical music composer and multi-instrumentalist. The music of Niillas Holmberg and Roope Mäempää brings you the beauty and ruggedness of Sami nature, Sami philosophy and beliefs and on top of it all the wonderment of the endless need for ownership in the western man.

Duo will perform on Saturday in Aurora Hut in the middle of amazing nature of Lapland. Also, they will perform with the Naftule’s Band later on the same day. Closing concert of Polar Night Jazz will take place on Sunday and we will see Niillas and Roope on the stage with the string quartet.

Tickets 15 €


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