Escape into the Arctic Wilderness


24.11.2017 - 26.11.2017 / 16:00 / Hillagammi, Nuorgam

Join us for a magical weekend in the Hillagammi hideout in the Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area. This weekend trip allows you to escape your everyday life, relax, and experience something totally different!

In the North, the sun ceases to rise over the horizon each year in late November. This phenomenon, called the Polar Night, lasts for approximately two months in the region where Kaldoaivi is located. Rather than pitch black darkness, the Polar Night is marked by twilight, a landscape of glowing blue, and ample opportunities to witness the northern lights (aurora borealis).

We offer unique weekend getaways at the Hillagammi hideout.

Due to its northern location (70°N), Hillagammi is an ideal place to chase the Nordic lights. Crucially, in the Kaldoaivi wilderness there is no light pollution, and the area is surrounded by pure silence. Because of the cold weather, skies are clearer and clouds fewer. This makes it possible to see the northern lights during 60–70% of the winter nights. If, on a particular weekend, the sky should disappoint, at least we get a magical little adventure and a luxurious relaxation in the wilderness.

When to go: October – March. Polar Night spans from 24.11. to 17.1.
Next scheduled group: 24.-26.11.2017  (Charms of Arctic Auroras)
Duration: 3 days/2 nights
Amount of people: 2-5 persons
Accomodation: Hillagammi hideout, shared
Level:  Anyone can participate, no need for previous skiing experience. We will help you with your camera settings to take night time pictures.
Cost: € 450/person
€1800 / private group of 2-5 persons
Option: snowmobile ride to Hillagammi 90€


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