Ape’s Planet – Ape Anttila & Anssi Nykänen & Harri Taittonen, Dinner Concert


25.11.2017 / 21:00 / Ravintola Kaunispään Huippu, 99830

Ape Anttila – bass, Anssi Nykänen – drums, Harri Taittonen – organ

Ape’s planet trio goes straight to the point and performs appropriately crazy organ groove for adult taste without forgetting the planets forever teens. Gripping trio interprets Ape Anttila’s compositions and covers composed in Ape’s Planets style.

Table and dinner reservations to info@kaunispaanhuippu.fi or +358 (0)16 668803. Reservation is mandatory. The ticket price includes concert. Dinner menu and drinks are sold separately.

Tickets 40 €.


More information www.kaamosjazz.fi

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