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Alma Arktika

Alma Arktika is a service company founded in 2015 offering accommodation, specialised equipment rental, and guided tours, and is based in Nuorgam the EU’s northernmost village. We organise nature experiences operating in and around Nuorgam’s Kaldoaivi wilderness as well as the Teno river and its tributaries. On occasion, we venture to the Norwegian side, to Ifjord and the Arctic Ocean.

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The most beautiful road in Finland

The route 970 takes you from Karigasniemi to Utsjoki following the 100 km journey alongside the River Teno continuing from there to Nuorgam. This “Route Teno” has been given the title of the most beautiful route in Finland as it travels alongside the river through breathtakingly beautiful fells and valleys – you cannot find anything like it elsewhere in Finland.

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Tenon Lohiranta on Tenojoen varrella parhailla soutupaikoilla sijaitseva rauhallinen matkailukeskus, joka on palvellut kalastajia ja Lapin luonnosta nauttivia lomailijoita jo yli 30 vuoden ajan.

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Hiking with reindeer Utsjoki

Aurora Lapland Travel

Aurora Lapland Travel is family run incoming agency and destination management company operating in Northern Lapland, in Inari & Utsjoki.

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Aurora Holidays

Our cottages are located in the northernmost part of Finland, right near the Norwegian border. We are 8 kms from the village of Utsjoki, along the road towards Nuorgam. We are an excellent choice for those who wish to see the northern lights as we are about as close to the North Pole you can get in the EU.

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Accommodation inquiry

Enquire for accommodation services in the Inari-Saariselkä area using this form. The local accommodations are pleased to send an individual offer for your stay in Inari-Saariselkä area.

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Season offers

Season offers


Kevo Nature Reserve

The Kevo Nature Reserve is among the most rugged hiking attractions in Finland. The nature reserve is accessible via a 2-kilometre nature trail starting at Sulaoja along the Karigasniementie road. Kevo offers challenging trails of 63 and 86.5km.

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Sami Bridge

The Sami Bridge connects the countries of Finland and Norway over the Tenojoki River. The bridge spans some 300 metres in length with a bearing distance of 155 metres.

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Ailigas fells

The Ailigas fell looms over the parish at 342 metres in height. The other two fells are also located in the municipality of Utsjoki along the Tenojoki river.

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Parish huts

The Utsjoki parish village consists of 14 huts dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The huts were owned by Sami families and they were inhabited up to the 1930s during market days and church ceremonies.

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River Tenojoki


Utsjoki is the northernmost municipality of Finland, and the only such municipality with a Sami majority in the region. The parish village of Utsjoki is guarded by the holy Ailigas fell and the famous salmon-filled River Tenojoki.

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