Rayann Elzein Photography

Rayann Elzein Photography offers Aurora tours and photography workshops in Inari and Kaamanen. Groups are limited to 6 participants in order to be able to give as much time as possible to everyone. Besides Aurora tours, other services include (couples) portrait sessions, day-time tours and hikes, both in winter and summer.

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Tradition Hotel Kultahovi

Tradition Hotel Kultahovi is a combination of service, heritage, culture and nature for our guests, who expect a lot from their visit. Our unique combination includes a magnificent location along River Juutua and its rapids, a central location in Inari village, which is the home of Sami culture in Finland.

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Hiking with reindeer Utsjoki

Aurora Lapland Travel

Aurora Lapland Travel is family run incoming agency and destination management company operating in Northern Lapland, in Inari & Utsjoki.

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Accommodation inquiry

Enquire for accommodation services in the Inari-Saariselkä area using this form. The local accommodations are pleased to send an individual offer for your stay in Inari-Saariselkä area.

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Ilmakuva Vasatokka 2010 pienennetty

Youth & Holiday Centre Vasatokka

Vasatokka is a hostel-rate resort located in the heart of Northern Lapland’s amazing countryside and ancient Sámi culture.

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Season offers

Season offers


Inarin Hopea – Silver Shop

Every piece of jewellery, made in the workshop of the Inarin Hopea, tells a story about the nature of Lapland, its culture, people and their environment. Welcome to see our collection, with its clean and clear forms and designs.

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Traveler’s inn Giellajohka welcomes both new and loyal guests!
Giellajohka is located between Kaamanen and Karigasniemi in the vicinity of Muotka fells and Kevo strict nature reserve.

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Inari III

Visit Inari Safaris & Accommodation

Find authentic Lapland and experience the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun in the Sámi village of Inari!
Our family-run safari house offers activities, accommodation and other travel services in Inari village.

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Aluekuvat 2013 006

Uruniemi Camping

Accommodation-, caravan- and camping services in a beauty spot on the shore of Lake Inari,

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Regional Funding in Finland

Siida, Sámi Museum and Nature Centre

Siida is a central meeting place in Inari, the heart of the Sámi Area in Finland. It is a window on Sámi culture and the diverse nature of Northern Lapland.

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The Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos

The Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos is situated on the bank of River Juutuanjoki in Inari Finland. Sajos is the centre of Sámi culture and administration.

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1-1-Tankavaara_Saariselka¦ê_Ivalo_Inari (9 of 10)

Ukonsaari Rock

The sacred Ukkonsaari Rock was used as a Sámi sacrificial site right up until the 19th century. Today you can visit the island via a lake cruise.

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Pielpajärvi wilderness church

The church, which is of cultural and historical significance, was built over a period spanning 1752-1760 and was in use until the end of the 19th century. Today, the church puts on special services during Easter and the Midsummer’s festival. The church is also a popular site for weddings.

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Otsamo fell

Otsamo is a 418-metre-high fell in Inari. The fell is located approximately ten kilometres from the village of Inari. The Otsamo peaks boasts magnificent views of lakes Inarijärvi and Muddusjärvi as well as the Muotkatunturi fells and Joenkielinen.

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Sami Cultural Centre Sajos

The Sami Cultural Centre Sajos is an interesting, dynamic, multicultural venue. Sajos is also a congress centre and meeting venue.

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