Star Arctic Hotel


Star Arctic Hotel is located on the top of the Kaunispää Mountain “Beauty Hill” of Saariselkä, near Ivalo, and 270 km north of the Arctic Circle in Lapland, Finland. There is an excellent transportation network in the area, despite laying in the heart of the Arctic. The European highway number 75 runs through the area, along the road to the Arctic Sea, and it is only 25 kilometres away from Ivalo International Airport, which have regular direct flights from Helsinki. Here, the Nordic modern civilization is perfectly integrated with Lapland’s own unique culture, which are all surrounded by a pure and touchless natural environment with a beautiful and unique arctic landscape.


From inside the hotel or any room, you can experience the full view of Saariselkä as well as immerse you into the beautiful arctic landscapes in the distance. The hotel’s exterior design blends harmoniously with the surroundings of the nature. All rooms are equipped with large glass windows facing toward the landscape, which is a perfect balance of modern architecture embodied with simple elegance. The hotel is an architectural masterpiece in terms of convenience to tourists’ admiring the northern lights and the arctic landscape, which will bring you into a transcendental world of beauty.


Restaurant and Bar

The Star Arctic Hotel restaurant & bar offers both traditional Lappish dishes and modern cuisine. In addition the restaurant also offers Asian fusion courses. The restaurant & bar of the hotel can cater up to 120 people. While dining in the restaurant or wine tasting near the fireplace, you can relax and enjoy a perfect view of the natural landscape and northern lights through the glass walls.



The Star Arctic Hotel sauna is a unique and exotic design by its own. Connected with modern and high quality showers and bathroom facilities, it also includes a scenic view terrace and jacuzzi where the visitors might have a glass of beverage and admire the arctic scenery and the northern light just after experimenting the traditional Finnish sauna.


Souvenir Shop

In Star Arctic Hotel souvenir shop you can find a wide selection of high quality products for which can be given as gift or keep as a memento. We offer handcrafted products by the local Sami people, jewelleries and works by small traditional Lapland entrepreneurs, winter clothing and textiles by Finnish companies, Lappish foods and beverages, and Finnish giftware.




Star Arctic Hotel

Classification: Summer season, Winter season