Finland’s two largest national parks are located in the Inari-Saariselkä resort: The Lemmenjoki National Park and Urho Kekkonen National Park. Added to these, there is the Kevo Nature Reserve in Utsjoki and the Sompio Nature Reserve in Vuotso.

The Urho Kekkonen National Park was founded in 1983. It is the second largest national park in the country. The northern part consists of highland fells and wilderness, with several fells exceeding 500 metres in height.
The park area boasts Finland’s densest network of day cabins and wilderness refuges, which are great for hiking. The most renowned attractions of the national park are Lake Luirojärvi and Sokosti Fell.

Lemmenjoki was founded in 1956. It is the largest national park in Finland, as well as one of the largest roadless and uninhabited forest wildernesses in Europe. Stretching over 70 kilometres, the River Lemmenjoki flows through the national park. As such, a riverboat trip through a valley wilderness is a very worthwhile experience. Signposted trails, wilderness refuges, rental cabins and designated campfire sites greatly facilitate hiking in the Lemmenjoki valley and the goldfields.

The country’s most beautiful and significant national parks boast well-marked hiking trails and networks of wilderness refuges with the magnificent backdrop of the fells.

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Ahkun Tupa/Lemmenjoki Holiday Village

Ahkun Tupa is the first Sami travel service and tourism firm in the Lemmenjoki region. We offer cozy cabins for 2-4 people on the river bank of Lemmenjoki.

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Aurora Holidays

Our cottages are located in the northernmost part of Finland, right near the Norwegian border. We are 8 kms from the village of Utsjoki, along the road towards Nuorgam. We are an excellent choice for those who wish to see the northern lights as we are about as close to the North Pole you can get in the EU.

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Fell Centre Kiilopää

Kiilopää is an ideal place for those who love the outdoor activities and arctic nature. The surrounding countryside offers also peace and tranquillity.

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Holiday Village Valkeaporo

Holiday Village Valkeaporo is a family based accommodation and program service company located in Lemmenjoki, Lapland – We are specialized to take You to explore Lemmenjoki National Park areas.

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Ivalo Customer Service/ Metsähallitus

Information on hiking opportunities in the Ivalojoki River, Nellim Area in Inari, Sevettijärvi-Näätämö Area and in Kevo Strict Nature Reserve, Lemmenjoki National Park, Northern Lapland wilderness areas, and Inari Hiking Area.

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Ritakoski -Juutua

Lapin Luontolomat Pro-Safaris

Lapin LuontoLoma Pro-Safaris is the oldest and the most experienced company in the Saariselkä region arranging activities. We offer complete packages with all the necessary equipment and transportations.

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Muotkan Maja Wilderness Lodge

Muotkan Maja Wilderness Lodge is perfect setting for honeymoon, anniversary and romantic getaway. We provide great adventures and unique experiences in beautiful and natural setting.

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Lily ja Joenkielinen

Paltto Adventures on the River Lemmenjoki/ Ateljee Huopapirtti

We offer you a chance to experience the enchanting Lapland with a local sámi family and see the reindeers and hear their the history of gold-washing.

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Regional Funding in Finland

Siida, Sámi Museum and Nature Centre

Siida is a central meeting place in Inari, the heart of the Sámi Area in Finland. It is a window on Sámi culture and the diverse nature of Northern Lapland.

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Inari III

Visit Inari Safaris & Accommodation

Find authentic Lapland and experience the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun in the Sámi village of Inari!
Our family-run safari house offers activities, accommodation and other travel services in Inari village.

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Visit Inari Safaris & Accommodation

Flight Services

Inari-Saariselkä area is full of wonderful fishing sports and it is a paradise for hikers. In most cases it would take a few days walk to reach the best spots. Flight…

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Visit Inari Safaris & Accommodation

Summer equipment rental

Local companies hire out mountain bikes and camping equipment like backpacks and walking poles. For paddlers there are canoes, kayaks and other paddling equipment as well as transportation services.

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Visit Inari Safaris & Accommodation


The Inari-Saariselkä region is a paradise for hikers. This is where the two largest national parks of Finland are located, as well as several wilderness areas. Well-marked trails and Finland's…

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Visit Inari Safaris & Accommodation