The enchantingly beautiful nature of northernmost Lapland and its serene sceneries create a perfect setting for a romantic getaway. Experience the exhilarating adventures in the pristine wilderness, marvel at the magically colorful art display on the sky canvas, and spend one-on-one quality time in a love nest that suits your style.

Inhale a lungful of fresh air and let in a moment of silence as your senses take in the surrounding nature. No matter what time of year it is, you will soon notice how much richness can be found in the quiet wilderness. In the winter, there is the crunch of snow under your shoes and the crackle of the trees in the freezing temperatures. They even say that you can hear the Northern Lights. In the summer, the wind whispers in the fells and dances with the waters in the lakes and rivers, and you can hear the songs of different birds coming from here and there.

How many colors can share the polar night sky between the brief dawn of the day and the moment it turns into a starlit night again? Azure, rose, pink, purple, orange, and gold, at the least. Not to mention the radiant colors of the autumn foliage! It’s no wonder that the Laplanders regard nature as their opera, theater, and art gallery. The best part is that nature provides these luxuries to all of our senses, non-stop and free of charge.

The unique nature in Lapland puts you in the right frequency to be present, here and now, and makes room for you to be together. Here you can kiss goodbye to the hectic everyday grind and focus on spending time with that special someone. Read full article.

Meet the Lover of Lapland.

Kiss good-bye to the hectic everyday grind and focus on spending time with that special someone.

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Aurora Holidays

Our cottages are located in the northernmost part of Finland, right near the Norwegian border. We are 8 kms from the village of Utsjoki, along the road towards Nuorgam. We are an excellent choice for those who wish to see the northern lights as we are about as close to the North Pole you can get in the EU.

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Hotel Korpikartano from the yard 2 P+ä+äKUVA

Hotel Korpikartano

Hotel Korpikartano offers you authentic facilities in a tiny reindeer herder village Menesjärvi far from busy life. Location next to Lake Menesjärvi and legendary Lemmenjoki National Park gives you plenty of space and luxury of silence.

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Ritakoski -Juutua

Lapin Luontolomat Pro-Safaris

Lapin LuontoLoma Pro-Safaris is the oldest and the most experienced company in the Saariselkä region arranging activities. We offer complete packages with all the necessary equipment and transportations.

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Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna

Welcome to a fell village only a day’s journey from the Arctic Sea! Known for its high standards, Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna provides versatile services for holiday-makers and conference guests alike. The range of accommodation includes quality holiday apartments.

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Lapland Safaris

Since 1982 Lapland Safaris have been working closely with individuals, tour operators and travel agencies around the world. For us every client is unique, and they all deserve personal experiences in the magnificent Northern Lapland.

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Muotkan Maja Wilderness Lodge

Muotkan Maja Wilderness Lodge is perfect setting for honeymoon, anniversary and romantic getaway. We provide great adventures and unique experiences in beautiful and natural setting.

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Northern Lights Village 1

Northern Lights Village Saariselkä

Our wilderness camp places and safari routes are carefully planned to have wide variety of different kind of sceneries and wondrous nature. We are based in Saariselkä, Finland.

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Nuorgam Holiday Village

Our idyllic holiday village is situated in the northernmost village in Finland, at the top of EU, by the banks of the famous Tenojoki River, facing the Norwegian border, close to the Arctic Ocean and sheltered by mighty fells. We offer offer accommodation all year round. This is a perfect basecamp for nature activities.

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Restaurant Laanilan Kievari

It’s not just about filling our stomachs but eating and enjoying pure and fresh ingredients together. That’s the philosophy here at Laanilan Kievari.

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Saariselkä Booking – Central booking agency of Saariselkä – Inari Saariselkä

We have brought together the perfect destinations for families, nature lovers, activity enthusiasts and companies and made these easy to book in the Online LomaShop.

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Santa´s Hotel Tunturi

Santa’s Hotel Tunturi is a high standard, first class hotel right in the heart of Saariselkä holiday resort and beside of Urho Kekkonen National Park.

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Inari III

Visit Inari Safaris & Hotel Inari

Find authentic Lapland and experience the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun in the Sámi village of Inari!
Our family-run safari house offers activities, accommodation and other travel services in Inari village.

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Wilderness Hotel Nellim

The Wilderness Hotel Nellim is located in a very peaceful corner of Finnish Lapland away from the big tourist centres of Lapland on the shores of a part of Lake Inarijärvi

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Wilderness Hotel Nellim

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Experience the thrill of downhill skiing and snowboarding in Saariselkä, Finland’s northernmost ski resort. Spanning the slopes of two fells, the ski resort offers 15 slopes of varying difficulty, including…

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Wilderness Hotel Nellim


The wealth of taxis in the region serve the visitor in a variety of ways. You may book a taxi to pick you up at the airport. The taxi driver…

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Wilderness Hotel Nellim

Cross-country skiing

The skiing season in northern Lapland really pampers the skier, because usually skiing is possible from October through to May. The winding fell terrain and national parks facilitate a variety…

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Wilderness Hotel Nellim

Lapland's gold

The first gold rush took place on the River Ivalojoki in 1869-1900. The Tankavaara goldfield was discovered by Aleksanteri Peltovuoma, also known as Sauva-Aslakki, back in 1936. On the River…

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